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I am Pernette Howard the Creator and Chief Executive Officer of A Natural Girl (ANG). A Natural Girl is a skincare company that formulates body and hair care products made from natural ingredients.  We understand that ingredient transparency as well as using products that fulfill its promise is extremely important to you.  At A Natural Girl, we take pride in formulating products that always keep your needs and wants in mind. 

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My Story

ANG's story began when my youngest son broke into a head-to-toe-rash.  After seeing a dermatologist, he was diagnosed with eczema.  Upon leaving the doctor’s office.  I was given some products to provide relief from the rash.  I later became curious about the ingredients that were in those products.  As I read the list, I couldn’t pronounce any of the ingredients except for water.  In that moment I sprang into action and began to tap into my roots. As a child, my mom taught me the importance of using natural ingredients for wellness and healing.  After extensive research, I created a product that soothed and healed my son’s skin.  What I created actually worked, which inspired and motivated me to create products that benefitted others. 

Today I use my knowledge, passion, and inspiration to create products that you love.  Our goal is to provide quality products, quality services, inspire, motivate, and encourage self-love.  Every ingredient that we use to formulate our products is carefully chosen to bring out the best in your skin and hair.  Because YOU loving your natural beauty matters to us. 



A Natural Girl is always evolving.  To stay up to date with what is going on in our world, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @shopanaturalgirl.  You can also catch us on YouTube at A NATURAL GIRL LLC.  


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